A unik adventure

Dear creators, The Kase welcomes you into a new world. In sneak preview, The Kase allows you to be the first designer to have a multi-channel showcase, online and in store.

Join the community

It's very simple: once your account is created, you just need to upload your creations. From that moment on, they will be visible and available for purchase to millions of internet users and customers of our future shops around the world.

A unik concept

The Kase wants to become the premier destination for purchasing protective covers, kases and all accessories in order to make every single of it's customers devices unik. Whether buying online or in one of our international retail locations.

How it works

1.Create my account
Simply complete with your personal information.
2.Upload my creations
I upload my creations respecting the size and weight requested.
3.The Kase validates my creations
Once my creations are uploaded, The Kase team will ensure my creation doesn't contain any illicit content. The Kase reserves de right to remove my creations. 
4.The most popular creations will be sold in The Kase boutiques
The Kase team will select the most popular creations which will be manufactured and sold in our retail stores.
In order to start and upload your creation, you must first create an account.